Translational Pain Research

Dr. Christine Sang, MD, MPH, is the director of Translational Pain Research, a clinical translational program that systematically evaluates novel potential analgesics in human subjects and patients to target selective mechanisms of pain and establish dose responses for analgesia, and to identify appropriate indications and optimize the clinical doses used later in drug development.

Their long-range goal is to improve the medical management of patients with chronic refractory pain states, such as that following peripheral nerve or spinal cord damage resulting from tumors, vascular lesions, inflammation, and traumatic events. Their studies fall within two broad categories: 1. Neuropharmacology of central and peripheral neuropathic pain states: clinical development of novel compounds and new drug delivery systems in Phases Ia/First-in-Man to II using novel trial designs and analyses, in various experimental and clinical neuropathic pain states; 2. Validation of clinical biomarkers to facilitate discovery of new and clinically relevant analgesics.


  • Christine N. Sang, MD, MPH, Director
  • Kierin O'Donnell, BA, Program Coordinator
  • Candinho Gomes, BS, Lead Study Coordinator
  • Leah Leahy, BS, Study Coordinator
  • Jia Ke, MS, Research Associate

Selected Publications

  • Sang CN, Sathyanarayana R, and Sweeney M. “Gastroretentive gabapentin formulation reduces intensity of pain associated with postherpetic neuralgia: A Phase III clinical trial.” Clin J Pain, 2012 Jul 13.
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