Pain Research Center

The mission of the Pain Research Center is to investigate the mechanisms and the behavior associated with chronic pain state, both in animal models and with human subjects, and to develop new therapeutic approaches for cure and prevention of pain.

Chronic pain may arise from diseases, such as cancer, from nerve injury, from prolonged or intensely acute inflammation, or from unknown causes. Investigators in the Center integrate a range of methods, from molecular biology and cellular physiology, in vitro biochemistry and pharmacology, animal behavioral studies and clinical observations to find the common and divergent causes for chronic pain, and to develop better methods of treatment for prevention, amelioration and reversal of these conditions.

The Pain Research Center is staffed by 6 Principal Investigators, 3 Senior Research Associates, 3 Visiting Professors (anesthesia), 5 Postdoctoral Fellows and 5 support staff, and its work is supported by 9 NIH-funded grants.

Laboratory & Clinical Research sections

Laboratory Research

The section of laboratory research within the Pain Resarch Center entails the works of the Strichartz Lab, Kissin Lab, and Wang Lab.

Clinical Research

The section of clinical pain research within the Pain Research Center entails the work of Drs. Edwards, Jamison, and Wasan. It is a clinical research program predominantly, with funding from NIH, industry, and private foundations.